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Custom T-Shirt Embroidery, Embroidered Polo shirts, sweatshirts, hats, bags and more..

Embroidery is the process of sewing a digitized design onto a clothing or apparel. It can be a design, company logo or just a name. At Custom T-shirt Warehouse, we can provide you with best looking apparel at affordable prices using our latest and best embroidery equipment in Anaheim California. We can embroider your logo or name to any kind of clothing or apparel including T-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, jackets, hats, gold shirts and much more.

Embroidery can be more expensive than screen printing; however embroidery gives the clothing a finesse and quality look that does not beat anything. Custom T-shirt Warehouse has been delivering quality embroidered products to local schools, colleges, local businesses and organization for years accumulating experience in custom embroidery clothing making us one of the best embroidered clothing option in the market. Our in house embroidery machine is one of the most advanced equipment that helps us in delivering our customers with best quality embroidered products at a very competitive pricing. Our prices are really low, making us one of the top options with low cost set up in the industry in Anaheim California.

Tips To Reduce Screen Printing Cost In Anaheim

There are things that can be done to reduce embroidery cost in Anaheim. Some of them are:

1. Reduce the number of places Embroidery is done

You can save money in embroidery by getting it done only on the front of the apparel. Getting double sided embroidery can cost almost double.

2. Minimize the size of your design

Size impacts the price of embroidery. The bigger the size, the larger the bill will be. Thus small embroidery design will be cheaper.

3. Avoid outlines and fills

The more embroidery and colors are included, the higher the cost will be. Avoiding fills and outlines will reduce the cost of embroidery.

4. Try to order in large quantity

Large quantity order will help in reducing the price per item. More volume means less cost for embroidery.

5. Order a few extra shirts or apparel items

If your estimated required number of items is short, it will cost you much more in the longer run when you order few extra pieces to be embroidered. Thus, order a few extra shirts or apparel to save that cost.

6. Order light colored shirt

Light colored shirts are less expensive than the dark colored, and the embroidery is more prominent on light colored shirts.

7. Order before desired date, not wait until last minute

If you order at the last minute, then the cost associated with rush orders will increase your embroidery cost. Order well before your desired delivery date and save a few dollars.

8. Bring complicated designs to us and we will help minimize cost

If you like a complex design, we may be able to help you recreate and make it simpler with cheaper embroidery cost. 

Best Custom Print, Embroidery And Screen Print In Anaheim, California At Low Price

We can custom print on t-shirts, hats, bags, sweatshirts, jackets and much more. We are all about providing the best custom printing, screen printing and embroidery service in Anaheim California at cheap rates. One of our services includes cheap printed t shirts. We can also provide low price sports jerseys for sports teams, customized uniforms, restaurant uniforms, customized medical uniforms or scrubs, corporate polo shirts, school and college sweatshirts, bachelorette shirts, concert t shirts and so much more in Anaheim, California.